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Top Sealed Trays and Flow Wrap

The Abar LR-80T, LR-80TCF and LR-80TCR pick and place systems for boxes, top sealed trays, flow wrapped or stretch wrapped punnets collate into rows or complete layers before an industrial robot accurately and gently places the product into the transit container.

All conveyors, control systems and the robot are built into one common compact stainless steel frame and extensively tested prior to delivery providing quick trouble free startup with minimal/no production downtime.

Our product range


Compact, low cost, reliable pick and place robot for loading retail packs into plastic returnable supermarket crates or cardboard boxes at speeds of up to 80ppm.

Typical loading speeds:

D21 packs: 45ppm
D2 packs: 80ppm


The LR-80TCF is a more advanced version of the LR-80T case loading robot cell and is designed for higher speed lines operating upto 160 retail packs per minute depending on pack size and layer pattern. The LR-80TCF preforms a layer before loading allowing a lower speed gentler movement to the outer case.

Typical loading speeds:

D21 packs: 75ppm
D2 packs: 130ppm


For vertical loading retail packs into cardboard Shelf Ready Packaging.

A 6 axis industrial robot, housed within a sturdy frame carries out the main picking and placing operations loading thermoformed or top sealed trays accurately into outers at speeds of up to 130 packs/minute.

The LR-80TCR has been engineered with the future in mind and can easily be converted to load packs into plastic returnable supermarket crates.